The best cat breeder near Boston Massachusetts for Siberian forest cats. We have the finest pure-bred Hypo-Allergenic Siberian cats for sale.

Bring the spirit of Siberian forest cats into your home! With their playful personalities and cuddly nature, they make the perfect friends for all kinds of pet owners, escpecially those prone to allergies!


  • TICA Certified

    We are a TICA registered cattery and we breed the most lovely Hypo-allergenic siberian forest cats. 

  • Pure Bred

    A "pure bred" is the best representation of the breed, whether it is a pet or a show cat.

  • Special Care Of Pets

    Our cats have a specially made and well maintained space for them to roam around in and exercise.

  • Raw food Diet

    Our cats are fed a balanced raw food diet prepared by hand every day.

Pammer the cat sitting in the window looking outside resting


At ABC Siberian Cattery we believe happy pets make happy owners which is why we feed our cats raw food diets with nutritional supplements. This enhances size, mood, fur, and energy. This diet is recommended but not required for adoption.


Our Siberians are imported from a trusted breeder in Sibera. We are focused on the preservation of purebred Siberian Forest Cat blood lines. Our cats are Specially selected, we provide a health guarantee against genetic diseases, as we test against all genetic feline diseases.


Cats produce a protein in their saliva called Fel-D1 which is the main allergen. When they groom themselves the allergen ends up on their coat, and causes dander. Even though Siberians are a long hair breed, they can be hypo allergenic. Siberians produce less allergens then any other breed so they are a great choice for someone with an allergy.


Siberians are natural hunters which means they are always willing to play! They also love attention and are always looking for snuggles and belly rubs. Siberians are very curious and do not shy away from people. 


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